Darian Dauchan

FIAT Presents -- CBS Alternate Routes: Darian Dauchan - "Love"

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Darian Dauchan relates his experience with heartbreak and then gazing on the idea of love. And as he notes, love is "beautiful, messy, honest and true."

Giant Steps

Darian Dauchan performs his poem Giant Steps for the Barbershop Network as a tribute to the late great jazz musician John Coltrane and his song by the same name. Shot and edited by MediaPlace.

The Anthem

Actor/Poet Darian Dauchan performs the song "The Anthem" from The Mighty Third Rail's debut album Classic. Now available on iTunes. Violin and Bass by Curtis Stewart and Ian Bagggette. Shot by Desha Dauchan.

"Darian Dauchan's Poetry/Theater is remarkable. He pushes the boundaries to unscaled heights. Check him out."

-Reg E. Gaines: Two Time Tony Award Nominee/ Artistic Director 2013 Downtown Urban Theater Festival.

"Dauchan is funny, polished, political, reflective, and surprising: everything a poet should be in the 21st century."

-Taylor Mali: 4-timeNational Poetry Slam Team Champion

"Dauchan's ability to commit to the writing and performance of poetry is classic in its social timing."

-Mahogany L. Browne, Owner of PoetCD.com, Publisher & Slammistress of The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

"Dauchan adds a brash and well thought-out political understanding that rivets the listener, that holds us in thrall. Well worth the price of admission."

-Roger Bonair-Agard :Two-Time National Slam Champion and co-founder of The louderARTS Project

"Darian Dauchan is an absolute marvel on the stage: smart, powerful and fearless."

-Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz: Founder of the three-time National Poetry Slam Championship venue, NYC-Urbana